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12 Things Entrepreneurs Should Stop Doing

We talk a lot about daily habits and productivity. But what’s one thing entrepreneurs should STOP doing every day?

The Ethics of Water Privatization: Tech Edition

Here’s something that should send a shiver down your spine. Water — that little thing that comprises 71 percent of the Earth and as much as 60 percent of the adult body — is seen as a scarce resource everywhere, not just in underdeveloped countries.

3 Ways Early-Stage Startups Can Capitalize on the Micro-VC Boom

For years, the term “venture capitalist” referred exclusively to investors interested in driving growth at already successful companies. Traditional VCs still focus solely on this area, but micro-VCs have gained prominence in recent years as well.

Why Cannabis Startups Are So Economically Potent

It’s tough to find a subject more polarizing than marijuana legalization. Yet for all the fearmongering and cannaphobia, this business could be just what the American economy needs for longstanding revitalization.

When Should You Hand Over the Reins of Your Company?

Success is never guaranteed for every founder who throws his hat into the entrepreneurial ring. For the lucky few who achieve success, they may face a challenging question: When is it time to hand over the reins to the company?

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