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Cap Tables: Why They’re Important + Tips on Management

A capitalization table (commonly referred to as a “cap table”) is a spreadsheet that shows the ownership and overall capital structure of a company. It usually lists founders first, but can include executives, key employees who have equity, and investors. A well-managed cap table can help your company attract investment and prevent diluting your stake.

How to File Sole Proprietorship Taxes — The Practical Guide [Checklist Included]

"For most small business owners, taxes end up at the bottom of a very long list of things to worry about. Having a professional handle your taxes can take an important load off of your shoulders (and off your mind), allowing you to stay focused on growing your company."

— Anjum Tunulim, Chief Tax Officer, Early Growth Financial Services

From Young Pros to Young Pros: The Best New Year Career Advice

It’s a new year and new beginning for your career. Especially for young professionals. To help you get started with the best new year career advice, we asked, “What is the best beginning of the year career advice you have for young professionals?”

How to Reduce Your Start-Up Business Burn Rate

Are you worried about running out of cash before you even get your startup off the ground? Sure, starting and running a business can cost a pretty penny, but if you evaluate and re-evaluate your expenses—and keep a close eye on your finances—you can keep your burn rate under control.

How to create a winning pitch deck: slide-by-slide guide on how to make your pitch deck what VCs want to see

VC’s are very busy and looking for a very specific set of criteria, so they need to quickly understand what your company’s about and what you are offering when going up to raise a round or positioning your company for an acquisition.

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