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Be Prepared Before Raising Capital

Fundraising takes time and energy. Plus, you really only get one shot with any given investor. Pitching too soon will take your focus off creating an investable business and potentially ruin first impressions with investors. Use this as a guide to ensure you’re ready to start fundraising.

LA Tech & Startup Event Recap (March 4–10, 2019)

Recap from Biterra Capital of EGFS's Early Stage Fundraising in LA 2019 Panel, "What a rockstar event of panelists, knowledge, food, drinks and more. I highly recommend attending the next event by Early Stage Growth Financial Service and we will keep our readers updated when they host again."

Thinking About Business Insurance? 9 Things to Keep in Mind

What should you consider when looking into business insurance? After all, there's a fine balance between reducing costs by limiting your business's coverage and paying too much for coverage you don't need. Figuring out the exact level of coverage your business needs can be tricky. To help, we asked nine entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) (including EGFS CEO, David Ehrenberg) to weigh in on the key considerations to explore when thinking about getting business insurance.

Early Growth Financial Services: A Startup Solution

EGFS recognizes that entrepreneurs are often put in the field to play all positions. But without the know-how, in these new, complicated realms, new professionals might not notice an error, or even just a more suitable program that’s available. This is often their downfall, as accounting and financing knowledge are alien concepts to many people, and can result in poor planning. This is what brought Early Growth’s CEO David Ehrenberg to build his team of accounting and finance experts and to open an outsourced accounting company.

Eight Highly Effective Content Marketing Strategies To Boost Engagement

There are a million pieces of content marketing advice out there. It can be difficult to know which strategies will be the most effective and garner the most audience engagement. To help, these eight members of Young Entrepreneur Council, including EGFS CEO, David Ehrenberg, share the content they’ve seen succeed, along with practical marketing steps to drive more content-based traffic.

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