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How to create a winning pitch deck: slide-by-slide guide on how to make your pitch deck what VCs want to see

VC’s are very busy and looking for a very specific set of criteria, so they need to quickly understand what your company’s about and what you are offering when going up to raise a round or positioning your company for an acquisition.

12 Things Entrepreneurs Should Stop Doing

We talk a lot about daily habits and productivity. But what’s one thing entrepreneurs should STOP doing every day?

The Ethics of Water Privatization: Tech Edition

Here’s something that should send a shiver down your spine. Water — that little thing that comprises 71 percent of the Earth and as much as 60 percent of the adult body — is seen as a scarce resource everywhere, not just in underdeveloped countries.

3 Ways Early-Stage Startups Can Capitalize on the Micro-VC Boom

For years, the term “venture capitalist” referred exclusively to investors interested in driving growth at already successful companies. Traditional VCs still focus solely on this area, but micro-VCs have gained prominence in recent years as well.

Why Cannabis Startups Are So Economically Potent

It’s tough to find a subject more polarizing than marijuana legalization. Yet for all the fearmongering and cannaphobia, this business could be just what the American economy needs for longstanding revitalization.

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