You don’t become the #1 accounting, tax and valuation services provider to startups without making a few friends along the way.

    As an early-stage founder, you and your team should be laser-focused on the task in front of you, whether it’s getting to MVP, bringing in revenue, or generating profit.

    In addition to providing industry-leading accounting services, EGFS regularly works with top VCs, law firms, banks, HR consultants, Marketing consultants and other providers throughout the startup ecosystem.


    EGFS can assist clients with fundraising needs by tapping its immense network of venture capitalists in the United States. Rather than taking a “scattershot” approach, we can help narrow your VC targets based on funding round, industry and more.


    All of the major entrepreneurial hot spots in the U.S. have startup-focused law firms available in their area, whether it’s a branch of a national firm, or a boutique house local to your city. Contact us today for a local introduction to a law firm that can work with your startup.


    There are several banking options for entrepreneurs that need banking assistance. Whether you are just looking to set up a separate business account for the first time, or investigating venture debt as part of a fundraising round, EGFS can introduce you to a bank that is designed with startups in mind.


    Looking to hire your first employees? Need to build out your initial marketing strategy? Have another specific need that is outside of your skillset? Allow EGFS to make an introduction to one of our many outstanding consulting companies.

chatCONTACT US today for a free consultation to discuss the financial pain points of your business.