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Early Growth has represented thousands of early stage startups in over 40 countries. Our experienced tax professionals can help you with all your tax needs for your Stripe Atlas company.

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Even if you have just formed a company and had no revenue or expenses, all U.S. companies must file tax returns.

Early Growth specializes in supporting startups, and can handle all of your U.S. tax filings.

As a member of Stripe Atlas, we at Early Growth have put together a special offer for your U.S. tax filings.

The Deal
C Corp - $1,150
For Delaware C Corporations

Package includes:
- Federal corporate tax return
- One state tax return
- Phone consultation
- Foreign tax disclosure filings, if applicable
LLC - $2,400
For Limited Liability Companies

Package includes:
- Federal income tax return
- One state tax return
- Phone consultation
- Foreign tax disclosure filings, if applicable

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A Full-Service Solution

For all your tax needs, our CFOs are here to get you on the right track.

Taxes & Compliance

Tax laws in the US are not simple, and staying in compliance is an area where you need an expert to guide you. And we know it’s more than just income tax. Whether it’s income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, or Delaware Franchise Tax filings, a business can find themselves drowning in different filings and payments.

And if you fall out of compliance with a late filing, you can miss opportunities, or even worse, get fined for amounts that are far greater than the actual taxes.

You need a tax professional who understands the complexities of your company’s taxes. We'll help you plan, file, and manage your corporate and individual taxes and stay compliant with frequently changing tax laws.

We can take it all off your plate so you focus on your primary business goals… revenue, customers, people.

More Than Tax Returns

R&D Tax Credit
If you spend time on research & development, recent changes to the tax law could give you a big break on your payroll taxes—up to $250,000 a year. That cash could make or break a startup, where cash is king.

Using this credit will probably increase the chance of an audit, but we can help you prepare the calculations to claim & defend your credit.
International Companies
If you're an international company expanding to the U.S. market, you will likely trigger all types of tax requirements, from income taxes to payroll taxes, and perhaps most commonly, sales & local taxes.

With clients from all corners of the globe, our tax professionals are experienced in making the move to the U.S. smooth and uneventful... at least as it relates to taxes.
M&A Transactions
Whether you're buying a new company or selling your company, the last thing you want is the tax man taking too big a share. There are many tax considerations to make when structuring a deal, and you'll want an expert by your side to make sure you optimize the outcome.

It may be a one-time event for you, but our CFOs and tax professionals have been through it all before.
Expert Tax Advice You Can Trust
We offer several tax services for startups. From preparing business tax returns to R&D credit calculations, our CFOs are here to get you on the right track.

Every year, many startups miss the opportunity to maximize their profits by poorly preparing their taxes or not filing at all. Our expert team of CFOs has helped gain thousands of dollars for business owners to put back into their company as well as removing the anxiety of taxes for startups.
tax clients tax clients
“The financial reporting, whether to the government and the taxes we pay or other concerns, was taking away from the innovation of the product and being able to help our customers.

Having Early Growth take on that function allowed us to not worry about that, so we could focus on the most important thing, our customers."
—Max Spiegel, COO of Student Loan Hero
What We Do
Early Growth is the largest national firm in the venture capital space
finance and accounting
Finance & Accounting
An experienced financial team providing monthly accounting for founders who want to get back to focusing on their business.
Domestic & international tax compliance, including income & sales taxes and R&D credit studies.
Equity Management
Equity Management
409a Valuations and Cap Table Management solutions to manage your equity & stock options.
Fund Accounting
Fund Accounting
Helping GPs address monthly accounting, reporting, deal management, and LP communication.