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Case Study: Marketplace Pulse

Posted by Early Growth

May 8, 2019    |     3-minute read (426 words)

It’s hard to imagine life without online shopping. Last year, the total amount of sales on Amazon websites alone (first- and third-party sellers) was $277 billion.

With all those transactions, the data that exists is truly mind-boggling. Marketplace Pulse gathers that data, wrangles it into usable insights, and offers clients executable actions.

Marketplace Pulse is an e-commerce intelligence firm helping businesses grow in the e-commerce market. Clients include marketplaces, financial technology firms, software, and retail services companies. They work with companies behind the scenes of e-commerce, most often by providing data APIs.

Marketplace Pulse not only collects more data on e-commerce marketplaces than any organization in the world (data on brands, products, categories, and sellers) but has also developed a technology platform that monitors millions of data points on e-commerce marketplaces. Software parses unstructured and semi-structured data sources and programmatically extracts the key pieces of structured prioritized data.

CEO Juozas Kaziukenas says, “We believe that technology and data are better than opinions when it comes to understanding what’s next in e-commerce. When it comes to data, we play on two fronts: The infrastructure is already there; we collect a lot of unstructured data. Once we have the data identified, we use our tools to process, clean, and display it.”

Everyone has data, Kaziukenas says. But just having data won’t bring a competitive edge. The real magic happens when Marketplace Pulse takes the structured data and overlays years of experience in retail to find out what the data means.  

Everyone has data. But just having data won’t do it—most companies have too much data. More than just compiling data, what is needed is previous experience in retail and knowing what the data means, what the data should mean, and what data we need to find.

Working with EGFS

Eric Leaf, consulting CFO with Early Growth Financial Services says, “Working with Joe has been great! It’s wonderful to have a client who’s on Bloomberg!”

Joe says, “Thankfully, our accounts are pretty straightforward, but knowing that we don’t have to worry about the financials is huge. It allows me to focus on the business side of things. I’m so happy with how things are going so far.”

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