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Case Study: Enplug

Posted by Early Growth

April 12, 2018    |     4-minute read (790 words)

Enabling Smart Content

You’ve probably already seen a lot of plug’s product—digital signage for corporate offices, jumbotrons, bars, malls…anywhere that has a screen—but you might not realize the empire the company has been building. Enplug has been making headlines for a few years now, and they’re already doing bigger things this year.

Filling a Gap

CEO and co-founder Nanxi Liu remembers the conversation with her other co-founders—friends who knew they wanted to do something cool and build a great culture around a successful business model.

“There were screens everywhere, but there wasn’t any way to create and control dynamic content across multiple locations. It turned out that there wasn’t any effective software for this kind of product, so we focused our energy on developing the software that would be a unifying operating system for screens all over the world.”

Now, businesses can easily add diverse content from a rich app store to build company culture
, help visitors find their way around buildings, advertise in-store promotions, and create engaging customer experiences in restaurants
or sporting events by pulling in real-time social media. Companies can control the content on all of their screens, no matter the location. Enplug can support every digital display in the world.

Enplug’s customer base is already chockfull of giants: GE, Google, HP, YouTube, WeWork and Hilton all use their product—a palm-sized device loaded with their software that connects to any HD display. And they’re continuing their quest to deliver beautiful and relevant content to more companies this year.

“We’re really excited to expand and continue to serve large clients. Lots of tech companies use Enplug, and we love focusing on constant innovation. We want to keep adding apps to our marketplace so that the customer experience is even richer.”

Working with Early Growth Financial Services

Enplug heard about Early Growth Financial Services from another startup.

“We needed someone whom we could rely on completely. We have so much confidence in them—they’re constantly working behind the scenes to make sure our company is where we need to be.”

CFO Paul Meyer sends Enplug monthly reports on all aspects of the company’s financial health.

“I don’t have to worry. I know that Paul is always thinking about everything. That’s huge for me.”

Paul made sure that Enplug took advantage of the recent change to the R&D tax credit, which saved Enplug a significant sum of cash. “That was big,” says Nanxi.

Paul says, “It’s been great working with Enplug. Nanxi is a young female who’s already accomplished so much. Enplug’s technology is great, and she also knows how to commercialize it. She’s structured the company thoughtfully. And I love walking into a business and seeing those screens in real life. I love saying, ‘That’s my client.’ They have an attractive business model and a good strategy, and they run a lean operation. They’re doing all the right things.”

Nanxi’s CV is impressive. Enplug is actually her second startup. (The first is a biotech company designed to preserve vaccines without refrigeration.) Among numerous tech and entrepreneurial accolades
(including Forbes 30 under 30
), she mentors women at USC and UCLA, and is on the inaugural Youth Advisory Board of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation
. “As a female tech founder
, I take my responsibility to lead very seriously.

Paul offers this, “Nanxi does an amazing job of accessing capital. She makes it look like it comes easily.” Nanxi laughs, and she asserts two things: “We have a great team of investors, and we got that great team by networking and meeting people. I never let the ‘no’ answers affect me. It’s a numbers game. I know for every 100 people I talk to, 10 might genuinely be interested in what we’re doing, and maybe 1 will invest. Secondly, our integrity is important. When we tell investors that we’re going to do something, we do it, and then we follow up with them to let them know. We keep our word.”

In an interview earlier this year, Nanxi said, “Overall, we plan to double our revenue, remain profitable and significantly grow the number of displays running Enplug software. And we expect our teammates to make a lot of money this year.”

We expect Enplug to deliver on that.

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